Okupanti through the cost of cooperating began tikati z-pіd Slov’yanska

For tribute, the 24th channel was sent to the rozvіdtsі, the 16th brigade of the special recognition of the armed forces of Russia vtikaє z-pіd Slovyansk.

important Budanov vіdpovіv, chi try to contact russian explorers with ukrainian

Dzherela at the rozvіdtsі stverdzhuyut that the reason for this is the waste of coercion.

Use the enemy in Ukraine

On the cob of a full-scale invasion of Russia Ukrainian occupiers liquidated 34,530 Russian occupiers. Only 100 Russians lost money to the rest of the defenders.

Spend at the technology to become

  • tanks – 1,507 (+3) units,
  • combat armored vehicles – 3,637 (+5) units,
  • artillery systems – 753 (+3) units,
  • Multiple launch rocket systems – 241 (+1) units,
  • opposing defense – 99 units,
  • litakiv – 216 singles,
  • helicopters – 183 units,
  • operational-tactical drones – 622 (+2) units,
  • cruise missiles – 137 units,
  • ships and boats – 14 units,
  • automotive equipment and tank trucks – 2,553 (+5) units,
  • special equipment – 60 units.

The rise of Great Britain was respected that Russia was born zamovchuu their spend on the war against Ukraine. Natomist militants of the “DPR” have already told about thousands of their liberated sprats. Over 10,000 soldiers are put together in the battlefields of the militants in the Donetsk region. Pray about 8,897 wounded, as well as 2,128 “two hundred”. Such figures were given to the “DNR” itself by 16 worms.

The rozvіdtsі guess that the rest of the data about the losses of Russia in the war against Ukraine were voiced on the 25th of Birch. Todi told the Kremlin about 1,351 of his liquidated military. Respectfully, at that time, the data given to the General Staff of the ZSU were known about 16,000 occupiers.

Russia does not win pilots

For days, Ukrainian defenders, for help with the Igla MANPADS, shot down a Russian aircraft, at the helm of which was a Naiman PVK “Wagner”. Tse tell about those who the aggressor country does not get a crew. Such a thought was voiced by the rise of Great Britain. They added that the pilot knew that he was a great major of the Air Force of Russia, that he had power over the work as a military contractor of the Wagner Air Force.

Until that time, the Russian pilot won the victory over the commercial GPS-attachment, and not the Russian military navigational possession.

“Here, apparently, I point out to those that Wagner’s aircraft are the older models of the Su-25 and that the Russian Air Forces do not give the Wagnerians a current license for avionics,” the researchers admitted.

Replenishment of the pilot-employee from the “Wagner” anti-tank missile system, which ZSU was hard hit by the “Igla” MANPADS: marvel at the video

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