Oksana Fedorova explained why she abandoned the design business

Well-known model, presenter and businesswoman Oksana Fedorova spoke about serious changes in her life. As it turned out, the celebrity recently decided to close her own clothing brand.

For several years, Fedorova was actively engaged in the creation of women’s outfits. At the same time, the star kept the entire process under her personal control – from the development of sketches to the final tailoring. However, in the end, the model decided to abandon the business.

According to Oksana Fedorova, the main reason for the closure of the brand was that she decided to devote her time to other projects. Recently, a celebrity entered Moscow State University and now wants to focus on her studies.

In addition, recently the model has been actively engaged in vocals and intends to continue moving in this direction.

“I went to study at Moscow State University, and before that I gave myself a certain attitude. If I study, I will continue the vocal history. If not, then design. I didn’t manage to combine, ”Fedorova explained.

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