Ochіlnitsa Chugueva called out to the children to evacuate

Galina Minaeva, it seems that Chuguev did not have such intense shelling from the cob of war. People already psychologically do not show off. About tse won rose 23 worms.

Return respect The main center of strikes from Belarus and the agony of the enemy on Pivdni: the main for 121 days of war

Merka called people to evacuate

Behind the words of Minaeva, the decision about the evacuation of the current skin is guilty of praising himself. Prote, as if in someone else, it is possible to move to a safe place, rather than to grow. Families with children are especially valued.

Abi, save the life and health of our children … To that, I flatly ask, to whom it is possible to transfer these bad days in another place, to save,
– the lady of the city voiced.

The shelling of Chuguev does not stick

The Russian occupiers fired on Chuguiv in the Kharkiv region again with 23 worms from the very wound. As a result of the attack, six people were injured, two of them were children of 9 and 6 years.

It’s a pity that this year’s wounds appeared not from cavi, but from the shelling of our place. Two children were injured, not seriously injured, but children were injured,
– like Minaeva.

It is also a measure of the place of rozpovida, scho zagarbnik shelling Chuguїv the remaining three days have been possible. “Prilitaє” in different districts of the city. Constantly, wounded and dead. People, like they turned to the place not long ago, or they didn’t look intently, at the same time they are depriving them of yoga.

During the entire hour of the war, 27 people perished in the Chuguivsk community, two of them were children.

The situation on Kharkiv straight: the General Staff

With a camp on the morning of 24 blacks, the situation in Kharkivshchyna is foldable, but controlled. For tribute to the General Staff, the enemy has activated the activities of sabotage and development groups.

On top of that, the Russian guards led artillery strikes near the districts of Kharkiv, Stary Saltov, Korobochkino, Pechenigiv, Dementievka and Zolochev.

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