Occupants steal relatives of Ukrainian military, zocrem children, – GUR

The Head Office was informed about the fact that the Russian occupiers continue to steal people. Under the blow, the relatives and close people of the military servicemen stooped down, like they are fighting on the battleships of Ukraine.

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Russian militants systematically steal people on the timely paid off territories, as if they were tied up with the military forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Relatives of the Ukrainian Ukrainians endure every other day, like to harrow Ukraine, or they ate it to the fullest.

It’s a pity that the bases of these Ukrainian citizens are being dragged into the hands of rashists when administrative buddies are buried, or for help from collaborators-consultants,
– they told the rozvіdtsі.

For the data of the Head Office of Exploration, the greater number of vipadkiv vіdbuvaєtsya on the territory of timchasovy districts of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson region is more important. Also steal relatives of the Viysk from the Mykolaiv region.

With this, they steal like grown-up relatives (including women and people of the summer age), and children,
– rozpovіli in GUR.

Rozvydka told that the Russian occupiers recently took a few children of the Ukrainian military service as handcuffs, they ate some of them to the hands of the guardsmen.

The scheme in Russia is as primitive as possible – far away stench can be connected with Ukrainian military and vimagati come to Timchas’s territory. Occupant natomist obіtsyat the safety of relatives and close military servicemen.

Skin from these vipadkіv є svіdchennyam najzhahlivіshih military mischief, yakі to fix the occupation on our land. All stinks will be a proper rank of investigation. Winnie at their fault shall be justly punished,
– said the GUR.

It was decided by the roses that the names and names of the guards and the victims of the military are not called for safety, the protege does not forget anyone to fight for the life and safety of their skin hulk.

People continue to chew vikradati

  • Remain the country-aggressor regularly victorious. With the help of this method, it literally tries to break the will of the Meshkants, as if they are rebuying on Timchas’s paid off territories.
  • The other day, Russian zagarbniks plundered the head building of Kherson University. In addition, the stink vikral vice-rector of the initial mortgage Maxim Vinnik. Apparently, collaborator Tetyana Tomilina punished the vice-rector. Vlasna, їyi and attribute keruvannya to the hoarding of the head building of the university.
  • The share of Maksim Vinnik is not at home. At one time, the vice-rector’s colleagues respected that the vin was a person with a disability. Also, you need a constant follow-up of medical practitioners, as well as help. Ale, it’s doubtful what the occupiers call for.

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