Occupants mercilessly shell Kharkiv: what is the situation there

In the wake of the fortune-telling shelling of viniklo 16 after. About the situation for the production of 23 chernya were distributed in the National Police and the State Social Security Service, reporting to Channel 24.

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4 people were hurt

For loot 23 chernya 29 operational vizdіvfor which:

  • on liquidation of fire – 18, in the middle of them – caused by shelling – 16,
  • for carrying out emergency work – 2;
  • to help municipal services – 2;
  • to help the police officers – 3.

The worst fire due to shelling was in Chuguivsky, Izyumsky and Kharkivsky districts of the region. Private booths, government officials, cars, and administrative booths went up in flames.

On the morning of the 23rd, hundreds of wooden sheds caught fire, 4 garages and a car near Balakliy. Luckily, there were no casualties. I’ll wait far away to put it out.

Likewise, a fortune-telling projectile was fired at private houses in Chuguev. As a result, 4 people were injured.

The village of Tsirkuni became aware of the shelling at about 20:00. There it was trapital 3 times at the same time. The two-topped booths on the sunlit area of ​​850 square meters caught fire.

In the evening, a fortune-telling shell was fired at a private podvir’ya in Dergachi. The garage, the summer kitchen, the gospodarcha and 2 cars were on fire. I’ll wait far away to put out the middle of the night.

The pyrotechnics upgraded the DSNS with a push to get 11 ammunition from the Russians.

At night, 24 black Russian missiles hit one of the sports facilities near the Kiev region of Kharkiv. I got hotter. For the front tribute, without hurting anyone.

The police caught up the soldiers, stealing that marauder

Dobu in a minute to the police delivered 8 osіb, yakі could be reckoned to spіvpratsi z Russian occupiers.

So the right-wing guards caught a marauder in Kharkiv, like a vikrav from the office of a private company їhnє mineno. The police officers showed the woman, as if on the market she was looking for a golden lancet for the big man. One more person was caught stealing in a supermarket. Three revisions.

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