Occupants in Mariupol promised compensation to residents, but they don’t give money, – mayor’s office (video)

Huge queues have formed in the city for receiving payments from Russians for the restoration of destroyed housing.

The occupation authorities in Mariupol promised local residents to issue compensation for the restoration of destroyed housing, but people were never able to receive the money. About it in the Telegram channel tells press service of the Mariupol City Council.

According to the mayor’s office, huge queues of people have formed in the occupied city, wishing to receive compensation payments from the Russians.

“People wait days to get a number [в очереди]. In this case, no one receives any compensation. Housing is not being restored,” the press service informs.

According to the mayor’s office, local residents have already begun to understand that the promises of the occupation authorities are fake.

“Usual propaganda and a report for show. And people are just being bullied,” the mayor’s office says.

It is believed here that in the near future the occupiers will face real “popular indignation.”

“Mariupol residents will demand a ‘repair’, and not wait, as the residents of the ‘Putin regime’ are used to it,” the city authorities say.

Earlier, the occupiers of the Russian Federation told how they will “restore” Mariupol. From their analysis it follows that the city will not have time to prepare for the heating season. A harsh winter is expected there.

Also Focus wrote that in the occupied Mariupol began to sell SIM-cards operator “Phoenix” from DNR.

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