Now 30% of schools in Ukraine are ready for offline learning in terms of shelter

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, each school is assigned a responsible rescuer of the State Emergency Service in the region.

Now the State Emergency Service is working in the regions with each local government / photo from UNIAN

At the rate Ministry of the Interiorup to 30% of schools in Ukraine are ready to start the new academic year offline in terms of safety and shelter.

This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky on the air of the informational telethon.

According to him, now the State Emergency Service is working in the regions with each local government – settlement, city councils and UTCs, in order to develop recommendations for each school.

“We assigned a responsible lifeguard to each school in the region. It will not be one lifeguard for several schools, but a specific person – a specific surname, which should be responsible for how ready or not the school is ready for the new academic year. Actually, according to our estimates, is already approaching 30% readiness of schools throughout Ukraine,” Monastyrsky explained.

He added that for obvious reasons, in some of the country’s schools, the new academic year will begin online, in particular, in those regions where active hostilities are taking place.

At the same time, in the rear regions of the country, in particular, Lviv, Ternopil, Transcarpathian regions, preparations are underway for offline training.

“Moreover, we have a large number of IDPs there, many of whom are children who will go to school. Therefore, preparations are being made for the readiness of shelters in schools. Basements or first floors of schools can be equipped, but on condition that they are properly equipped “The State Emergency Service has long given recommendations, specific schemes and examples of how it should look. Today, self-government bodies are working to ensure that this can be ensured,” Monastyrsky stressed.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that rural schools in the rear regions of the country, in his opinion, are in a slightly worse condition in terms of security and shelter, compared to urban ones.

“Schools in cities are more ready, so alternative options are being considered in rural schools, such as taking children to a nearby school where shelter is provided … I am convinced that where it can be done, the issue of taking children will be addressed in order to children could start learning in safety,” Monastyrsky stressed.

He added that a certain overall result of the readiness of schools for the new academic year can be summed up in the second half of August.

“Closer to Independence Day, in order to understand how many schools will start teaching offline, with children going directly to the classroom,” the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science recommended that the heads of educational institutions start the educational process in schools from September 1 on a full-time basis.

On July 21, Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky said that schools would begin the educational process from September 1 only if there were adequately equipped shelters for children to stay there during air raids. These should be basements or semi-basements with a protective device, light and a toilet.

As of July 22 at MIA reported that 11% of Ukrainian educational institutions have their own protective structures of civil protection, which is almost 3,000 institutions.

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