“This is a technological breakthrough”: a tokamak prototype will be created in Russia (October 29, 2022)

By the end of this year, Russian scientists are planning to get a “breakthrough” prototype of equipment for a future domestic thermonuclear reactor. This is reported by TASS with reference to the report of the director of ITER-Center (a private institution of Rosatom) Anatoly Krasilnikov.

“Thanks to the experience in the ITER project (international experimental thermonuclear reactor being built in France, ITER) and the technology of high-temperature superconductors developing in the country, we can increase the magnetic field from 5.3 Tesla to 8 Tesla, respectively, significantly improve the characteristics of the produced gyrotrons (sources of powerful microwave -radiation): raise the frequency from 170 GHz, which is in ITER, to 230 GHz. This is a technological breakthrough,” Krasilnikov said at a meeting of the Rosatom scientific seminar “Controlled thermonuclear fusion and plasma technologies”.

According to him, already this year at a specially equipped complex in Nizhny Novgorod it is planned to obtain the first positive results in the creation of a megawatt power range gyrotron.

“This is a complete prototype of what we need for a tokamak with reactor technologies, which is being developed as a full-scale model of a future domestic fusion reactor,” the scientist added.

He also noted that the technological platforms of the international ITER project and the reactor technology tokamak (TRT), which is currently being developed in Russia, may be “mutually complementary necessary steps towards the construction of a domestic fusion or hybrid reactor.”

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