The Ministry of Transport announced plans to discuss with Ankara a ban on flights over Turkey for aircraft with “dual registration” (November 8, 2022)

Turkey banned dual-registration aircraft from flying through its airspace on November 1.

RBC writes about this with reference to the CEO of the Pegas Touristik tour operator, Anna Podgornauya, a member of the board of directors of Nordwind, as well as sources in two other Russian airlines.

It is noted that due to the need to fly around Turkey, the duration of flights of Russian carriers has increased: for example, flights to Egypt take 30 minutes more.

The Ministry of Transport will soon hold talks with the Turkish aviation authorities in connection with Ankara’s decision, a representative of the department told the agency. According to him, double registration, in which foreign states accuse the Russian side, is discrimination that directly contradicts the goals of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), laid down by Article 44 of the Chicago Convention. This article states, in particular, that the tasks of the ICAO are to meet the needs of countries in safe and regular air transport, as well as to prevent any discrimination and respect the rights of contracting states.

After the introduction of sanctions against Moscow at the end of February, Russian airlines began to transfer their aircraft from foreign registries, primarily Bermuda, to the Russian one; as a result, some of the liners were left with “double registration”, which is the basis for their arrest by lessors abroad.

According to a representative of the Ministry of Transport, the Bermuda aviation authorities need to exclude aircraft registered and operated in the Russian Federation from their register; corresponding requests were sent to them by Russian carriers. He called the delay in the deregistration of aircraft a gross violation of ICAO principles.

“The situation today is such that unfriendly countries accuse us of the “double registration” they created and do not notice at all that they themselves are violating the basic principles of the Chicago Convention,” the agency’s interlocutor emphasized.

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