The Ministry of Finance announced three unlimited OFZ auctions (November 8, 2022)

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation at unlimited auctions for the placement of federal loan bonds (OFZ) on November 9 will offer papers of three series: with constant and variable coupon income and with indexed par value, the ministry said in a statement. A week earlier, at similar auctions, federal loan bonds worth almost 167 billion rubles were placed in a day, and on October 26, the total volume of OFZ placements amounted to more than 177 billion rubles, with a total demand of 337 billion rubles.

As reported on the agency’s website, on November 9, it is planned to place OFZ with a constant coupon income (OFZ-PD) of issue No. 26237RMFS with a maturity date of March 14, 2029, OFZ with a variable coupon income (OFZ-PK) of issue No. 29021RMFS with a maturity date of November 27, 2030 and OFZ with an indexed par value (OFZ-IN) of issue No. 52004RMFS with a maturity date of March 17, 2032. All of them will be offered in the amount of balances available for placement in the specified issue.

“The volume of satisfaction of bids at each auction will be determined based on the volume of demand, as well as the size of the premium requested by participants in relation to the levels of profitability actually prevailing on the market. Settlements for transactions concluded at the auction will be carried out on the next business day,” the Ministry of Finance added.

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