Self-education without compromising the budget: learning from Skladchina website courses (November 3, 2022)

If training requires only theoretical knowledge, you will have to spend money on courses, manuals, books, trainings, if we are talking about a hobby, then also on the purchase of materials and tools necessary for this.

Self-study or stationary courses

Going to stationary courses is not always possible. Often it is too expensive and classes are held at inconvenient times. It’s a shame when, having allocated money for courses from your budget, after a couple of weeks you realize that you don’t like the way the training is conducted, this is not what you wanted, but nothing can be done, because no one will return the amount paid. In this regard, it is much more profitable to engage in self-education – to pick up suitable master classes, webinars, courses and learn from them at home. It is both cheaper and more efficient, because you can study only what is interesting, take breaks at any time, study at a convenient time. If the material for some reason does not suit you, you can switch to a new one, and not torture yourself. In addition, many people are embarrassed to prove themselves in face-to-face courses, they are afraid to ask something again or answer the question incorrectly, so it is easier for them to study at home.

It is important to choose a quality educational product for training. There are thousands of offers on the Internet, so you can get confused. There is free content of dubious quality, there is expensive content from eminent coaches, athletes, businessmen and politicians. It is not a fact that by giving unreasonably large amounts of money you will get what you expected, but you cannot count on 100% satisfaction of your requests in either case. What to do? You need to buy educational products with minimal investment, then you won’t have to regret spending if something doesn’t fit.

Pool shopping: what is it

This opportunity is provided Site Skladchina, where master classes, databases, video tutorials, manuals, schemes, trainings, books on various topics are collected and spaced by topic. There are several dozen topics (sports, business, psychology, repair, tourism, languages, design, marketing, making money on the Internet), and each has hundreds of offers. It is much easier for the user to find the desired topic here and use the ready-made selection than to search for the content himself with the risk of running into scammers.

The advantages of the warehouse include:

  • obtaining high-quality content (with clear text, video without freezing, audio files with non-jumping sound), checked for the absence of spam and viruses;
  • saving time and money;
  • regularly updated range of offers;
  • no need to look for warehouses yourself;
  • you can sell your content.

But the main reason why you should go to the Skladchin website – Joint purchases. The selected educational product can be bought literally for a penny, and this is not an exaggeration. Due to the fact that several people can purchase one course at the same time, its cost for each is reduced. For example, for a weight loss course that costs 2,000 rubles, you can pay only 100 rubles if 20 people want to buy it. There can be any number of buyers, the price of the product is divided by their number. The more people, the lower the cost of each. That’s a huge savings! With the money that you could spend on face-to-face courses on this topic, you can buy dozens of materials on various topics at the Storehouse. Such an offer will be of interest to students, pensioners, schoolchildren who cannot afford to go to stationary courses.

Source: Skladchina website

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