Russia has developed a technology for reviving nerve cells (November 4, 2022)

Scientists at the Institute of Bionic Technologies and Engineering at Sechenov University have developed nanotechnology that allows you to revive damaged nerve cells and brain neurons using electric current and infrared light. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the university.

“The development is a thin organic substrate that can be wrapped around damaged nerves inside the body, and then using electric current and infrared light to repair damaged nerve tissue,” the university said.

The device consists of organic semiconductors: natural pigments that look like toner in a printer, while being harmless and non-toxic to the body. The thickness of the development is 70 nanometers, which is a thousand times thinner than a human hair.

“When irradiated with red light, the device creates a weak electromagnetic field, which, without heating, stimulates cells, activates their vital activity and makes them grow more actively. The absence of a toxic effect at the same time excludes further surgical intervention, ”explained Alexander Markov, senior researcher at the Digital Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare, Associate Professor at the Institute of Bionic Technologies and Engineering.

He stressed that the technology could be used for both nerve repair and deep wireless brain stimulation. Work on creating devices on a flexible, biocompatible substrate will begin this year. They will be implanted in laboratory rats for further experiments, Markov added.

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