Named the criteria by which Russians choose products in the store (November 4, 2022)

The vast majority of Russians, making purchases in the store, first of all pay attention to the cost of food and their expiration date. The priority is also the products of local producers and goods on sale. Natalya Kuznetsova, head of research projects at the National Agency for Financial Research (NAFI), told about this at the conference “EDI in retail: everything will work out”, Prime agency reports.

“When choosing products, 92% of the Russians surveyed began to pay more attention to the low price, 90% – to the shelf life and high-quality taste. Among the most popular criteria for buying products are also their sale on a promotion or special offer, belonging to a healthy diet and production in the region where the buyer lives, ”Kuznetsova said.

The popularity of the brand and the beautiful appearance of the goods, according to her, began to worry the buyers last (48% and 46%, respectively). In addition, the specialist stressed that Russians show great loyalty to domestically produced goods, including food, drinks, household chemicals, goods for children, furniture, goods for animals, as well as for sports and recreation.

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