Moscow industrialists will apply prints on fabrics using a digital platform (November 9, 2022)

At the Solstudio Textile Group textile factory in Moscow, drawings and inscriptions on fabric will be applied faster thanks to the Print-a-porter digital online platform. This was announced by the head of the department of investment and industrial policy Vladislav Ovchinsky.

“Moscow companies are actively introducing modern technologies into production processes. For example, on the site of the Solstudio Industry factory, they launched a digital platform for fast printing on Print-a-porter fabric. Thanks to it, businesses can quickly order and receive products based on personal wishes, choose drawings from a large number of modern designs, implement their own ideas and produce small series of goods in a short time,” Ovchinsky said.

The digital platform will help customers, designers and textile enterprises to solve work issues more quickly. In the future, they plan to use the service to establish cooperation between suppliers of materials and sewing industries. Everyone will be able to print the desired design on curtains, tablecloths or several meters of fabric for a dress.

“In September 2021, the textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design became the winner of the first grant competition of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives with the project to create an IT platform for textiles and design Print-a-porter. We set ourselves an ambitious task: to enable anyone who needs fabric for personal use or for commercial purposes to create it without leaving their home or office,” said the project leader, founder of the Solstudio Textile Group. Alexandra Kaloshina.

The development will simplify and stimulate the emergence of new players in the field of textile production, the company believes, since thanks to the digital platform, it will be possible to start a business with small investments and produce small batches at the request of the consumer. It is expected that the platform will bring together specialists from different regions of the country into a creative community.

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