Mediamix: expectations and reality from the first person (November 3, 2022)

November 10-11 speakers 6th National Advertising Forum (NRF’6) will discuss new advertising opportunities in traditional and digital media, as well as working content strategies.

For several years, the content of professional media has been crowded out by bloggers, on the other hand, there have been global changes in traffic-generating environments. The big challenges of the new business reality turned out to be fatal for some of the market players, while others mastered new opportunities by maintaining a high level of content quality. Many of them were able to successfully adapt their business strategies and offer relevant content to the audience. Representatives of content platforms will talk about the new vector of development in the current conditions within the framework of a special session of the Independent Media publishing house: moderator Andrey Khodorchenkov (Independent Media), Ilya Ovcharenko (producer of Wylsacom), Nikita Yukovich (Tinkoff Journal), Rinat Nizamov (Zen), Maria Pchelkina (Lifehacker and the Burning Izba). The NRF’6 program will be supplemented by the author’s session “Challenge accepted: how the media will solve the problems of brands in 2023” “Lifehacker”, where invited media managers will sum up the year and share useful business insights for the future.

Interest in publishers has not weakened with the advent of new economic and social realities, but on the contrary, it is growing not only from the audience, which sees publications as one of the main resources for obtaining information, but also from brands that seek to take advantage of the level of trust of readers and solve their problems. business tasks. Moderator — Alexander Fomin (SberSeller), Vladimir Todorov (, Andrey Tsyper (Rambler&Co), Maxim Iksanov (News Media (Mash, Life, Shot, Super)), Alexander Tsypkin (strategic communications expert, writer), Anzhelika Sulkhaeva (“Komsomolskaya Pravda”), Natalya Vesnina (Independent Media), how the interests of the audience of publications have changed and how entrepreneurs can interact with them during the session of the general partner of the NRF’6 — Sberseller sales house “Media and business: how to preserve brand safety and meet KPIs?

The overall impact of traditional media platforms on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is an important part of expert assessments. Thus, the difference in the share of advertising budgets between online and print media is insignificant, and was 3% in favor of digital. According to a survey by NMi Group and RACA conducted in August 2022, outdoor and TV placement remain the leaders among traditional communication channels, and the top 3 are closed by radio and indoor. Especially for the NRF’6 business program, the NMi Group holding will present a study on the expectations of market participants for 2023 as part of the author’s session in order to tell in more detail in what direction local advertisers and agencies are looking.

The mechanisms and algorithms of yesterday do not work, which is why we need to look for new solutions that are effective in turbulent time. As part of the TV Summit, the NRA and partners will discuss the impact of the restructuring of the consumer market on the composition of advertisers and the seller’s offer, the features of building an effective dialogue between media and advertisers with the state, as well as the role of television advertising in the growth and formation of new Russian brands. Discussion moderator: Aleksey Tolstogan, General Director of the NRA.

Classical TV is entering a phase of active digitalization, the development of special Internet services for viewers allows advertisers to work with new target formats. The discussion within the Advanced TV session will be moderated by Alexandra Strelkova (IVI) and Natalia Isangulova (Gazprom-Media sales house), which will bring together representatives of major network agencies, advertisers, technology platforms and TV operators to discuss important market processes and key forecasts by segment.

Digital channels form a unique environment of content opportunities, creating new conditions for building interaction and media consumption.

Sbermarketing offers to look at communication channels more technologically: for example, to learn the mechanics of TV based on big data. The main task of the author’s session of the NRF’6 marketing partner is to answer the question: how to increase the effectiveness of return to advertising?

“With full confidence we can say that we are in a new media world. One thing remains unchanged: advertisers are still striving to effectively solve business problems, launch advertising campaigns, manage them flexibly and accurately measure their results. At the SberMarketing session, we will talk about how to work with familiar and new tools in the changed environment. Our topics for discussion? Sites that are now developing especially rapidly. Important changes in the direction of programmatic advertising. Brand reputation management. We will also discuss how to increase the effectiveness of marketing investments using traditional media channels such as TV and radio,” says Anna Vetrinskaya, director of the SberMarketing agency division, moderator of the discussion.

The changes also affected radio communications. As part of the business program, the members of the AKAR Radio Committee – Yulia Andryushova (Gazprom-Media Radio), Ekaterina Eroshkina (EMG), Stanislav Droga (Vyberi Radio Group) and Pavel Mordaev (Mediascope) and others will talk about what audience constants and changes exist in the segment will comment on customer behavior. As for many advertising market experts, NRF’6 will be the platform where the players of the radio segment will try to answer the question “What will happen next?”.

Against the background of the reduction of the influence of social networks and the fall of the audience’s interest in television viewing, the press audience is growing, according to the Guild of Periodical Press Publishers (SPPI GIPP). This effect is achieved due to the advantages: reliability, trust, accessibility. Invited experts will tell you why print is effective.

The audience of blocked social networks decreased and was redistributed to other platforms: Telegram and VKontakte experienced the largest increase in the audience. In addition to a pronounced change in the activity of the audience and influencers, which directly affects communication mechanics, NRF’6 will discuss the problems of self-regulation of the blogosphere. The area for the formation of criteria and important benchmarks this year was reliability and trust in opinion leaders. Participants in the advertising market are convinced that business relationships need to be worked out. Brands and agencies have questions about the openness and quality of influencer services during the implementation of advertising campaigns. The inter-association working group of ABA, ARIR, AKAR, RAMU will work on these issues at the industrial level. Participants of the NRF’6 will be presented with a public talk of influence and advertising agencies together with brands, where the methods of professional and ethical self-regulation of the blogosphere, the realities for business in the current situation and new directions of development in influence marketing will be announced.

Marketplaces claim to be full-fledged brand media, as now online trading platforms are expanding their capabilities by adding functions of familiar social networks. The session “E-com – the territory of growth” will bring together the largest e-com players of the Russian market, who will share their vision of the market prospects, consumer behavior insights and relevant analytics. The discussion will be attended by: moderator Victoria Prostyakova (NRA), Maria Perfilova (E-Promo), Sergey Abramov (OKKAM)

Irina Suanova (Mediascope), Nadezhda Mereshchenko (OMD Resolution), Yakov Peisakhzon (Yandex)

A new approach to the formation of the business program made it possible to bring the actual problems of media channels and tools into a separate block. NRF is a strategic industrial event where professionals from different areas of the advertising business exchange only real experience and proven expertise.


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Organizers: AKAR, ARIR, RAMU, CRBC

Title partner: Gazprom-media sales house

General partner: Sberseller

Marketing partner: SberMarketing

Research partner: Mediascope

Big Data partner: Platforma

General Out-of-Home Partner: Russ Outdoor

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