“Jägermeister killers” appeared on the alcohol market (November 7, 2022)

OOO Kaluga Distillery Kristall (KLVZ) has begun supplying Alter Heiler and Konig Heiler, herbal liqueurs of its own design, to retail chains, which, due to their organoleptic qualities, are capable of kneading the former leader of the segment, the German bitter Jägermeister.

“Back in 2019, we began developing our own recipes and selecting herbs in more than 10 Russian regions, with geography from Altai to Dagestan. But the launch of the product had to be delayed due to the COVID pandemic. Since November, we have been expanding the exclusive supply of Alter Heiler to the Krasnoye and Beloe chain of stores, as well as the supply of the Konig Heiler brand to the Pyaterochka, Verny chains and several large distributors in the regions of Russia, ”the press service of the company quotes the words of the founder of KLVZ “Crystal” by Pavel Pobedkin.

The new products of KLVZ, which the company has already called “Jägermeister killers”, are the result of careful prescription selection. For example, Alter Heiler contains more than 50 components, from ginseng root and saffron to lavender and cardamom. “Thanks to import substitution, the cost of Russian herbal liqueurs (and, accordingly, their retail price) is approximately 2.5 times lower than that of the German counterpart, Jägermeister. In this case, all herbs are reflected on the counter-label. Only their quantity is indicated on the German product, ”said Igor Chersky, author of the 1st Educational Alcohol Channel.

Recall that earlier the Ombudsman in the field of the Moscow restaurant market, the owner of the Meat & Fish chain, Sergey Mironov, announced in the media that Jägermeister plans to stop the supply of its products to Russia, which is why Russian distributors will only have enough stocks of German liquor for six months, if not take into account the possibility of deliveries under the scheme of parallel imports.

According to estimates, the annual sales volumes of Jägermeister in Russia in 2021 were about 300,000 deciliters, but this year they have significantly decreased. At the same time, KLVZ plans to increase its production of bitters from 5,000 decalites in October 2022 to 25,000-30,000 deciliters by January 2023.

Thus, the annual output of new products is projected at the level of 300,000 – 360,000 deciliters. Thus, the departure of Jägermeister from Russia will be more than replaced by the production of domestic bitters.

Russian bitters are still bottled in 0.5 and 0.25 liter bottles, but by the beginning of 2023, the manufacturer promises to supplement the line with new formats – 0.1 and 0.7, as well as 1 liter. It should be noted that recently the Kaluga “Crystal” produced exclusively vodka products.

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