Investors in Moscow will open four production facilities on leased land (October 31, 2022)

Moscow will open four new production facilities for the production of building materials, cosmetics and innovative food products with a total investment of more than 3.2 billion rubles. For these purposes, the city government will allocate to investors plots of about three hectares for rent without bidding. This was announced by the Vice-Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

“New enterprises with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters will occupy four land plots. Investors will build production facilities for the construction, food and chemical industries on them, which will be located in different districts of the capital. It is planned to invest more than 3.2 billion rubles in the implementation of these large-scale investment projects. As a result, about 500 jobs will appear in the city,” Yefimov said.

A construction technopark for 200 jobs will appear in Zyuzin. In the Molzhaninovsky district, the investor will build a plant for the production of wood products, 85 people will be able to find jobs there. An enterprise producing innovative food products will be located in Novo-Peredelkino, and 150 jobs will be created there.

“The production of cosmetics with an area of ​​5.5 thousand square meters will be built in the Sviblovo district on a land plot of about 0.7 hectares. Based on the results of the project, it is planned to create 50 new jobs,” said the head of the Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department Vladislav Ovchinsky.

The decision to allocate plots was made by the City Planning and Land Commission of the capital. One hectare will be allocated for the enterprise on Balaklavsky Prospekt in Zyuzin. An industrial complex in the Molzhaninovsky district is allocated 0.7 hectares. On Novoorlovskaya Street in Novo-Peredelkino, a food industry enterprise will be built on 0.7 hectares.

“Lease agreements for a period of five years will be signed with all investors,” said Maxim Gaman, Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the City Property Department.

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