Integrated fintech services will help businesses (November 4, 2022)

On October 27, during the conference “Digital Technologies in the Service of an Entrepreneur,” Russian businessmen and fintech developers shared their experience in solving problems in the field of cashless payments under sanctions.

According to the speakers, now the share of non-cash payment for goods and services in retail reaches approximately 80%. Preserving the comfort and convenience of users when making payments is the main task of the owners of trade and service enterprises.

Domestic fintech offers integrated acquiring solutions for entrepreneurs with a large flow of customers.

During the conference, business owners were presented with a completely domestic development – the RC POS application. It allows merchants and marketplaces to use 5 methods and 143 different payment methods, incl. using the Fast Payment System (SPB), Yandex.Pay, 3D Secure, Visa, MasterCard and MIR cards. Its use does not require cash equipment, terminals, paper checks, which reduces the costs of entrepreneurs in retail outlets.

“Modern payment instruments based on the use of advanced digital technologies will enable entrepreneurs to clearly concentrate on their work and build it most efficiently,” notes a member of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), CEO of RC Group Maria Mikhailova. – The simpler and more convenient the solutions, the fewer documents and red tape – when you can do everything with one click – the better. This does not distract the entrepreneur and serves him well.”

Merchants today face high costs when accepting payments – many banks have increased the acquiring commission. In addition, credit organizations impose additional settlement and cash services in order for stores to receive a more or less acceptable interest rate. For this reason, some small businesses, for example, accept card2card (card-to-card) payments under a gray scheme. And this is the risk of fines for the founders.

The digitalization of payment services and the integration of domestic developments will enable business owners to increase its transparency and reach a new level of development.

According to the development director of NSPK JSC, the Fast Payment System (FPS) will soon be able to become a platform for entrepreneurs and individuals and the state. Already today, more than 400 thousand entrepreneurs and millions of people who transfer by phone number work in the system.

At the same time, RC POS is a universal technology, scalable for any business and qualitatively optimizing the payment processing process, and SBP is also integrated into it as one of the payment methods.

“No specific technique required, no start-up costs. Checks cost nothing, they are built into the product, there are no subscription fees, no consumables. The commission for all this, including the acquiring itself, is from 0.8%, depending on the type of business”, – explains Roman Fomin, Director for Financial and Technical Development of RC Group.

Andrey Kovrigin, Development Director of the National Payment Card System, Igor Stoyanov, President of the Persona Image Laboratories Network, Alexey Trifonov, FlexiPay Executive Director, Ilya Fridman, Co-founder of DI CLINIC MOSCOW, CEO of a multi-product company, spoke about the trends in the payment market and the “pains” of entrepreneurs in this segment RC Group Maria Mikhailova and others.

At the end of the conference, Alexander Bespalov, RC Group GR Advisor and President of the Investor Relations Club, announced an initiative to create a new all-Russian business community that meets the modern challenges facing Russia. “A modern entrepreneur is not one who stands with outstretched hand and asks the state for support and benefits, but one who, even in such difficult conditions, does useful things and is not afraid to undertake, introduce innovations and shows social responsibility,” the expert said.

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