How to choose Android emulators on PC (November 3, 2022)

They can also be run on a personal computer, after installing a special utility on it – an Android OS emulator, which can be downloaded at This feature is used by both gamers and mobile game developers. The former get the opportunity to play mobile games on a large screen using a mouse and keyboard, the latter get the opportunity to monitor the game development process online without the risk of harming the smartphone. Based on their purpose, all existing Android OS emulators are divided into two types: for gamers and for professionals.

Android emulators for gamers

After installing the Android OS emulator on your PC, a gamer can download any game from Google play and immediately launch it. The following Android OS emulators are the most popular among gamers:

  • MEMU. This is a Chinese multilingual free utility for the Windows platform. It is fast, simulates GPS, allows you to run multiple accounts at once, but may not work on a PC where Avast antivirus application is installed.
  • nox app player. This multilingual free utility for Windows platform is designed for demanding gamers and provides maximum FPS for most Android games. It is very popular among gamers due to the small number of bugs, freezes and crashes during the game compared to other Android OS emulators. However, this emulator requires a lot of resources.
  • Tencent Gaming Buddy. The high performance of this free Chinese multilingual utility will be appreciated by owners of old and weak computers. But keep in mind that it supports a limited number of games and applications.

Android emulators for professionals

Developers and software testers use Android OS emulators to quickly and easily perform tasks in this environment that put too much strain on mobile devices. The following Android OS emulators are the most widely used among them:

  • Genymotion. This paid licensed Android OS emulator is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. The user has the opportunity to immediately see the result of the changes made in the application window. When setting up the Genymotion emulator for the first time, you need to independently integrate it into Android Studio.
  • BlueStacks App Player. This free emulator is suitable for both professionals and gamers who care about performance. The Bluestacks user has the ability to run multiple applications at once in different windows, or run the same application multiple times. However, this emulator heavily loads RAM and may conflict with other applications.
  • Android Virtual Device Manager. This free English-language application is not an ordinary emulator, but a development environment that allows you to update, configure and test program components on Windows and Mac platforms. It does not allow you to play mobile games and is not suitable for beginners.

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