“Delicious – and that’s it” will feed the Belarusians (November 11, 2022)

The Russian company Vkusno-i Tochka will now supply its products to the Belarusian market. According to the Russian fast food manufacturer on its website, a corresponding franchisee agreement has been signed with KSB Victory Restaurants, which manages 25 McDonalds restaurants in Belarus.

As noted, a transitional period is currently underway, during which the KSB Victory Restaurants company acquires the rights to use the Russian brand. The renaming of the Belarusian restaurants “McDonald’s” with the corresponding change in the assortment to the products “Tasty – and the point” will occur at the end of this period.

“The Vkusno — i Tochka company is completing the procedure for transferring exclusive rights under a franchising agreement to a Belarusian chain of fast food establishments managed by KSB Victory Restaurants. Until the transition, the network will continue to operate under the McDonald’s brand in the Belarusian market,” representatives of the Russian side said, noting that the company will start working under the new brand within a few weeks after all the necessary legal procedures are completed and organizational issues are resolved.

The Russian company also informed that 25 fast-food establishments are currently open in six Belarusian cities, which allows serving more than 10 million visitors a year.

“The decision to continue working as a Vkusno — and Dot franchisee will allow the company to save more than 2,000 jobs while continuing to fulfill all previously accepted obligations to employees,” the Russian manufacturer said in a statement. It was also noted that the enterprises under the new brand will continue to maintain the current service concepts and services, as well as the high quality standards of work that the guests of the restaurant chain are accustomed to.

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