An operational headquarters for monitoring cyberattacks will appear in Russia (November 11, 2022)

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Alexander Shoitov said that an operational headquarters would be created in the Russian Federation to coordinate the response and monitoring of computer attacks in regional executive authorities.

This statement was made the day before as part of the IT Dialogue forum, which is attended by more than 800 delegates from 40 regions of the country: IT leaders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of information and communication technologies, representatives of IT and telecom companies, experts in the field of digitalization.

Cyber ​​attacks are definitely a dangerous thing. This year, against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, their number has increased, and they themselves have become larger than before, Olga Sokolova, partner at the Digital Guru agency, noted in a comment to Expert. If successful, each such attack causes serious damage – services stop working for a while, data is lost, stolen, or even replaced with fake ones.

It is clear that various departments are struggling with this phenomenon, attracting both their specialists and contractors. But, apparently, specialists in protecting against such attacks in different structures are still of different levels, so it was decided to create such a new general structure that would deal with all this, the expert suggested.

According to her, this structure will be more involved in building processes to combat cyber threats, training specialists on the ground, attracting contractors and, apparently, anti-crisis response. However, it is difficult to assess now how effective the headquarters will be. Time will tell everything, says Olga Sokolova.

Russia today is one of the most attacked countries on the continent, according to the statistics of the interactive cyber threat map, Nikita Shevlyakov, the founder of the Internet agency Future and developer, told Expert. This is due to a number of factors, including geopolitical tensions, interest in certain political figures and sources of information, which is also confirmed by data on an increase in attacks on Russian organizations in 2022.

As the expert pointed out, it is no secret to anyone that political organizations, government agencies, financial departments are a tasty prey for cybercriminals precisely because they have influence and valuable information that can be sold, made public, or, obviously, transferred to foreign intelligence.

Cybercrime is a thriving business with a complex branching system, which is becoming increasingly difficult to resist year by year, including due to the improvement of technologies, which, alas, always appear faster than they can be recognized.

The creation of an operational headquarters for monitoring threats is a forced and important measure, but one cannot be sure that this will eliminate the problem in an instant, Nikita Shevlyakov stated. After all, there is a whole range of factors that will impede the improvement of such a state system. Among them are the lack of qualified specialists in the field (if we are talking not about the centralized operational headquarters in the capital, but precisely about regional divisions), as well as the drain of brains abroad. Despite the fact that the tension of recent months has subsided somewhat, not all IT developers are ready for a return.

In addition, there is a drawdown in the federal budget, which, according to Nikita Shevlyakov, will not allow enough investment in the development of protection. And, most importantly, the rupture of partner contacts with leading software and hardware companies has become more acute.

The digitalization of public services, which has been carried out in recent years, requires new approaches to data security and stable operation of services. Consolidation of efforts in this direction, the analyst is sure, will provide a good standard and tool for the authorities, but first of all, we need to talk about creating attractive and safe conditions for programmers that can ensure work stability and a high level of protection.

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