A large Austrian business community demands the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions (November 3, 2022)

The large business community in Austria, which unites 8,896 companies, demanded the immediate lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, the cessation of arms supplies to Ukraine, the launch of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and support for Moscow’s initiatives to start peace talks with Kyiv.

In a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers and the economic chamber of the country, excerpts from which are published by RIA Novosti, it is noted that this call is aimed at “preventing the threat of destruction of the economy and prosperity” of Austria.

In particular, it is emphasized that Austria “must immediately re-govern and position itself as a neutral state, behave accordingly and offer itself as a neutral territory for international peace negotiations.” In addition, the letter states that “Russia’s proposal for peace talks must be accepted without delay.”

Also among the demands are freedom of choice for citizens regarding the decision to vaccinate and test for coronavirus, the immediate end of all restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the active use of all European energy resources, a debt freeze and the creation of a new tax police department.

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