New electric supercar from Volvo matime 900 kinskih forces – 23 rd 2022

Volvo brought to the auto show at Goodwood’s sports electric car Polestar O2. We have every chance to become serial and throw a Tesla Roadster tweet.

British Goodwood was shown the concept car Polestar O2 at the Swissness Festival. Electric revamped Volvo by creating a supercar that could become serial. About tse tell about Autocar.

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The new Polestar O2 is a selective convertible. Vіn vіdrіznyaєtsya faceted design with a long hood and obt_chniki behind the seats. Thin L-like headlights look like a star on the flagship Polestar 5, which was also demonstrated to the public in Goodwood.

At the saloon, flatten the kermo to the beast below, and the pranksters were put on display on a narrow display. A touch screen in portrait format is installed on the central panel, and the multimedia system is based on Google Android. The replacement of the rear view mirrors was replaced by cameras. The front seats are separated by a high tunnel.

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