Nevzorov, for example, showing his ether two Ukrainian passports

The documents of the wines, having demonstrated the first hour of their broadcast, held on 22 chern. On the video, you can sing like a Russian publicist and blogger shows two passports of Ukraine in front of the camera.

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Who should have passports – it’s unknown

Oleksandr Nevzorov went through the details. Vіn less saying: “before the speech, tezh superbly important” and showing the passports. VIN documents are not verified, to that it was utterly unreasonable to whom the stench could lie. It does not include the fact that his millionth audience of wines showed the passports of the authorities and squads.

Dearly, earlier Nevzorov giving an interview to The Insider. At the new wines I gave an encouragement that the decision to give it to you the enormity of our state was praised in full with the Ukrainian power.

Whatever it was, I needed it – I would not understand, I would fight with putinism and without a Ukrainian passport,
– stating the same wine.

Nevzorov instantly take away the enormity on the cob of worms

3 worms, information appeared that two Russians became the hulks of Ukraine. Moment about Oleksandr and Lilia Nevzorov. The decree has already been signed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko also confirmed this information. Vіn having respected that Nevzorov was given Ukrainian enormity for a reason. Movlyav, the oppositionist took yoga off “for high merits before our state.” New information about the withdrawal of Ukrainian passports was also confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv.

Tsikavo, scho 6 chervnya Volodymyr Zelensky not directly responsibly, chi signed a resolute decree. Vіn having respected that Nevzorov had deliberately filed an application for the enormity of Ukraine. The head of the state urged that it is my responsibility to victorious, be it methods of fighting aggression. І for whom it is possible to vicorate the hulks of Russia.

Nevzorov, however, having commented on the amount of enormity, is ambiguous. Vіn pіdkresliv, scho just standing on the beak of the victim. Moving, it’s not necessary to comfortably pick up the position quietly, whom to shoot. Adzhe bіshіst glad ober sama lavi rozstrіlnikov.

Vodnochas vin hung in sympathy with the Ukrainians, yaki allowed you to “place a place among them.” The oppositionist, having respected that 140 million Russians would have bluffed with themselves “I will put Ukraine up to the wall,” then Buch and Mariupol would have gone far away. In addition, it would have happened without thousands of innocently dead people.

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