NASA began to mimic the possession of Voyagers, as if to know at once beyond the borders of the Sonyach system

It’s a pity that the offending aparati will soon be stuck with a serious problem – a lack of energy. NASA is trying to get rid of a part of the possession, in order to continue a few lines of their service. However, I won’t be able to do it again: the Voyagers year will continue its path in the new silence and serenity.

Tsikavo “Voyager-1” praised the wondrous data from the international expanse: engineers were engaged in solving the mystery

Mission vikonano

  • The inclusion of such systems to allow the change of the high-energy supply and the protrimat of communications with the devices for five years.
  • The mission was planned to continue until 2025, but at the same time, the last ones are able to reach 2030.
  • Probes live in radioactive plutonium, airborne on-board computers are primitive, in pairs with modern machines they work for decades, even if they do not require a large amount of energy. All data is sent to the Earth for an additional outbuilding, which saves about as much energy as a refrigerator light bulb.
  • The amount of energy in the system is reduced by approximately 4 watts per river, which means a short energy supply.

As if everything is better, it is possible, we can continue our mission until 2030. Alece is exactly the boundary point,
said Linda Spilker, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Jet Rocket Laboratory.

The main meta-probe was supposed to fly over Jupiter and Saturn. The stink of the stench had been gone for a long time, and then they continued to fly far away, correcting the image of the Sonyach system and extending the vast expanse. In an hour, insults aparati crossed the borders of the Sonyach system, viyshovshi at the interzorian space. The probes are now located at a distance of 19.3 billion and 23.3 billion kilometers from the Earth.

After 2030, Voyager’s fate, better than everything, spend the building to call from the Earth. Ale does not mean that my mission will be completed. On both devices there is a “golden dress” to avenge information about the Earth: 115 images, grafted on 55 different languages, the sounds of the Earth, including wind, wood and people’s heartbeat, and 90 sounds of music. Passing close to 20,000 years, the first probes with information about human life fly past the closest star of Proxima Centauri.

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