Named popular products that kill the kidneys

The kidneys, which play a very important role in our body, can get tired due to the consumption of certain foods. Avoid these foods if you want to save your kidneys!

The kidneys are responsible for excreting waste in the urine, producing hormones, and cleaning the blood of toxins and excess fluid. They may get tired because of certain foods.

For example, while smoking and alcohol are themselves enemies of the kidneys, salt spices up this hostility.

If the kidneys stop working, it can put our lives at risk. In rare cases, they may even need to be transplanted.

For this reason, we must remember to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid foods that deplete the kidneys.

In Turkey, about 7.5 million people struggle with chronic kidney disease. In other words, every sixth or seventh person in our country is a kidney patient…

In order not to be among them, carefully read our article!

So what foods are bad for the kidneys?


Salt should be avoided to maintain kidney health. Adding too much salt to the diet “wears out” the kidneys and impairs their function.

Processed or packaged foods such as canned soups or vegetables, frozen pizzas and salad dressings are also high in salt, so processed foods and prepared foods should be avoided.

Instead of salt, you can give preference to healthy spices.

red meat

Eating too much meat, like salt, can “tire out” the kidneys. Proteins of animal origin are poorly absorbed, and this creates an additional burden on the kidneys when removing waste products.

You need to eat red meat, but you need to build a balance. An excess can cause your kidneys to stop working and require dialysis.


Milk, which is undeniably good for the body, can damage the kidneys if consumed in excess. The phosphorus contained in this drink can expose them to “stress”. Therefore, when using milk, cheese or yogurt, try to comply with the measure.

Oranges and orange juice

Oranges and orange juice are low in calories and rich in vitamin C. However, they contain a lot of potassium. Therefore, if you have kidney problems, try to avoid them. Potassium, if it is not excreted from the blood, can be dangerous to the body.


Bananas, which are also high in potassium, are far from ideal for those whose kidneys are not working properly. If you don’t want them to get worse, bananas should be avoided.

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