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The gas supply company needs to be paid for providing the gas, and the gas distribution network operators for maintaining the gas pipes.

In Ukraine, almost 10 million gas users were automatically transferred to service in

Gas supply company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”which now serves almost all household consumers, gave explanations to whom and for what to pay bills received by the consumer.

This is mentioned on website companies.

It is noted that there are two types of companies that work directly with the population – gas supply and gas distribution network operators (GDM). The former supply gas to the population, the latter control and maintain the “pipe” through which this gas is delivered to the consumer, as well as the consumption volumes.

“Today, there is still confusion among consumers about the responsibilities of various companies, in particular Naftogaz and regional gas companies. We give a lengthy explanation so that each consumer understands what he pays money for and how to protect his own rights,” the message says.

In particular, the gas supply company directly sells gas to the population. During the martial law, the number of gas suppliers has been reduced from 50 to 12 companies. As of August 2022, the main gas supplier for 12.3 million Ukrainian households is Naftogaz Ukrainy.

Residents of both private and multi-apartment buildings can change the gas supplier. This can even be done online – the main thing is to tell the company that you want to work with them and verify your identity. The new supplier must be sure that you have the rights to the house to which he will supply gas.

The gas supply company is responsible for the price of gas, the issue of debt or overpayment, payments for the consumed resource and advice on payment methods and the operation of the company’s online services.

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At the same time, the Timing Operator ensures the distribution (delivery) of gas. There are more than 40 such companies throughout Ukraine (depending on the region), and this is a natural monopoly.

That is, the client cannot change his timing operator without changing his place of residence. There is only one gas pipeline system in Ukraine, there is no alternative. Usually one oblgaz operates in the region, but it happens that two to four companies manage different sections of the gas networks. The GRM operator has a relatively stable number of consumers and supplies gas at a fixed rate.

“The tariff for the services of a gas distribution company is set by the National Energy Regulatory Commission (NKREKU) for each separately,” the company said.

The main task of the timing operator is to maintain pipes, eliminate accidents, ensure the necessary pressure in the networks and receive payment for the delivery (distribution) of gas.

The competence of the GDS operator includes the transmission of meter readings, the calculation of the correct volume of consumed gas, the receipt of payment for the distribution (delivery) of gas, the installation / replacement / repair / verification of the meter or the installation of any gas equipment, the call of the controller, the inspection, repair and replacement of the gas pipeline network and control gas quality.

As UNIAN reported earlier, since May 1, almost 10 million gas users in Ukraine have been transferred to the service of Naftogaz Ukrainy due to the fact that local gas companies were unable to perform their functions.

Consumers learned about the transfer of services to Naftogaz only after June 20, since this transfer took place “backdating”.

Many consumers have already paid for May to the previous supplier, and therefore are in debt for the same period to a new supplier.

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