Nіmechchina to transfer “Gepardi” to Ukraine and a lot of other weapons: document

The German detachment published a detailed list of the consignment, which is transmitted and planned to be transferred to Ukraine.

In turn, the publication of the Defense Express, which is more than enough, is really rich military possession and armor. It was quiet in the middle, they didn’t know about any other things – 30 single Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft installations.

The stench is carried by 6,000 rounds of 35 x 228 mm. Vtim, not just the minimum number of ammunition, but not the same ammunition for one car. For Gepard, the regular quantity of ammunition is stored 640 shells, and the Nimechchini detachment transfers 200 shells per vehicle.

Same with the topic Ukrainians went to learn about the German systems of salvo fire

The shooting speed of two Gepard automatic garmats in total at 1100 shots per skin fluff, “Gepards” can fire a troch for less than 11 seconds. In this manner, Ukraine will have to charge up to the German “Gepards” in other lands. It’s not too complicated, even if this charge is to be deployed in 40 countries, of which 8 are members of NATO. Likewise, the shells are viroblyayutsya for a license from Turkey.

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