Nіmechchina can namir nationalize a part of “Pіvnіchny stream-2”, – ЗМІ

About ce write see with the help of anonymous dzherel in the order. They announced that the Ministry of Economics of Nymechchini is looking at the information about those who are allowed to expropriate a part of the pipeline, as they are located on the territory of Nymechchini, with the possibility of solving the system.

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Nationalization “Pivnichny flow-2”

Trumpets that lead from land to sea can be connected to a floating LNG terminal (natural gas supply). The advantage of such a solution is that in the country the gas pipeline has a separate line with compressors and pipelines, through which gas can be transported directly to the city of Nimechchini.

Folding nationalization part of “Pivnichny Stream-2”

Prior to the folding plan of Spiegel, it is necessary to carry out the need for repeated environmental weather in the natural territory of Natura 2000, as it is being protected. The area is protected by environmental law up to the Natura 2000 regulation, which may be especially severe.

Nine rights of power are also collapsible. Nord Stream 2 is a non-platform, holding company operating as an administrator in Switzerland. Therefore, the supply of power to the pipeline is unreasonable.

So one of the insurance companies is Volodymyr Putin and the state-owned company “Gazprom”. Yaks can react to such an expropriation through me. For example, a way of nationalization of German companies in Russia. At Gazprom, they are still trying to restore the gas pipeline to work in two or three years, if the war against Ukraine ends and the days return to normal.

The pipe, as a way to avenge a spate of millions of cubic meters of gas, is serviced this year, so that it can be victorious in a short-term perspective.

Zupinka “Pivnіchnogo stream-2”

Putting the pipeline into operation was frozen through the cob of war between Russia and Ukraine. On the 22nd of the Fierce Chancellor of Nіmechchini Olaf Scholz announced that the certification of the gas pipeline “Pivnіchniy Potik-2” be zupineno. coming day USA imposed sanctions against the company Nord Stream 2 AG and її kerіvnikіv vіdpovіd on the recognition of the independence of the territories of the Ukrainian Donbas by Russia.

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