MTR “Azov” in Kharkiv region successfully “demilitarized” the equipment of the occupiers (video)

As a result, 7 enemy trucks with ammunition and 2 security vehicles were eliminated

Another special operation was carried out by fighters of the MTR AZOV Kharkiv behind enemy lines / screenshot

Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a successful operation to eliminate the military equipment of the occupiers near the Russian borders.

This was announced by the commander of the detachment of the MTR “Azov Kharkiv” Anatoly Sidorenko.

Having advanced to the area of ​​the task, the “Azov” set targets and aimed artillery at them, as a result of which 7 trucks with ammunition and 2 cars of the occupiers’ guards were destroyed.

We add that the combat unit “Azov Kharkov” was officially formed at the end of May. It consists mainly of Kharkiv residents, including those who stood up for Ukraine in 2014.

The Russians are likely creating the conditions for an attack on Kharkov

About it writes American Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The Russian army held positions in the area of ​​Balakleya and Bolshaya Kamyshevakhi for several months and can use these two areas as springboards for an offensive operation.

However, according to experts, it is extremely unlikely that Russian forces will capture the Kharkiv region or Kharkiv, given the pace of the Russian advance in the Donbass and problems with the formation of forces and logistics.

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