Moscow surcharge for mobilized will amount to 50 thousand rubles per month

At the same time, there will be no payment for the very fact of mobilization.

Yesterday, almost immediately after the president announced a partial mobilization, Sergei Sobyanin declaredthat all Moscow volunteers, as well as mobilized Muscovites, will be paid additional money from the city. Nevertheless, he did not name the amount, but in other regions of the country the size of one-time payments started from 100 thousand rubles.

And today the mayor signed a decree in which all the details are already spelled out. The document says that simply for the fact that a person was mobilized, no one will immediately pay him. However, instead of this, every month the city will pay 50,000 rubles to his salary. The Ministry of Defense has not yet officially named this amount, but the military commissar of Yakutia at today’s briefing said that payments will start from 205 thousand rubles (his words leads RBC). It turns out that the salary of mobilized Muscovites will start from 255 thousand and grow depending on the position.

In addition, the decree also provides for one-time payments. Thus, in the event of a minor injury, a Muscovite will be paid 500,000 rubles, in the event of a severe injury, 1 million, and in the event of death, the relatives of the deceased will receive 3 million rubles.

Money must be transferred no more than three days after the submission of information by the Moscow military commissariat to the Department of Labor and Social Protection. And the migrants hired in the Sakharovo migration center for service, they will receive the same payments.



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