Moscow has slipped to 73rd place in the ranking of world financial centers after Astana and Warsaw

A year ago, Moscow ranked 51st in the list of the British consulting company Z/Yen Group. The authors rating claim that the cause of the fall was the NWO.

“Moscow has worsened its position compared to last year by 22 points, dropping from 51st to 73rd place. It was overtaken by Nur-Sultan (now Astana), Prague and Warsaw,” Kommersant writes.

In total, the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) analytics takes into account 151 factors, including the rule of law, political stability, the availability of qualified personnel, labor market flexibility, and the level of specialized education.

Among other things, the reputation of the city (the level of innovation and cultural attractiveness) is also assessed. It would seem that Moscow had every chance here. However, even numerous cultural events and improvements in urban infrastructure, which the authorities report almost daily, did not become decisive for the respondents.

The financial sector was also unlucky. In terms of the financial center’s focus on technology development, Moscow “fell” by 29 points.

The second Russian city, which is in the ranking – St. Petersburg – also lost weight. He dropped from 97th place, where he was a year ago, to 116th.

The first two places in the top three are still occupied by London and New York. And the third was taken by Singapore, displacing Hong Kong.


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