Moscow has a calm and stable life, – the Carpathian ex-gravity does not want to leave CSKA

Carrascal: I’m more than happy to be in my team

A lot of foreign football players and coaches left Russia after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. Natomist Colombian pivzahisnik of satisfaction with his life near Moscow.

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Carrascal said that he did not plan to please the Moscow club.

I will not go into the possibility of rozіrvat please zavdyaki FIFA rules. I have a long-term contract with CSKA. I am more than happy to be in my team, happy and happy with everything. At once my life is tied up with the cim club. I’m not going to change anything and I don’t plan to go anywhere,
– said the player.

So the pvzakhisnik is not aware of other sportsmen, as if they were flying from Russia, even if everything is in power.

“The club talks about us, about our safety. We were given an understanding that it will become unimaginable, we will not be abandoned and brought to help with a view of the house in a safe place. “Moscow has a calm and stable life, there are no problems. I love football and here I have the opportunity to take up my beloved right. Now go where to go or have fun? I’m not wise. I’m more happy here,” adding the columbian.

Footballer’s career

  • In the period from 2017 to 2019, Rick Colombian played for the Carpathians.
  • At the fierce fate of 2022, Carrascal moved to Russia. In 13 matches exkhavbek “Levіv” scored 1 goal and 1 assist.

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