Mom and Donka, who spent their legs under the shelling of Kramatorsk, went to the USA for prosthetics

Sim’ya Stepanenkiv from the small village of New York in the Donetsk region went for rehabilitation in the USA, after reminding Lvov’s measures Andriy Sadovy. The song hour of the family was spent at the mіskіy childish likarnі of Lvov.

Up to those Why is Russia not on the list of terrorists, – Podolyak showing the homeland from Kramatorsk that was rocked by the occupiers

After the glee of sіm’ya, I want to turn back home

Natalya and her children were taken under fire at the railway station in Kramatorsk. Donka Yana lost her offended legs, mother was left without one. However, the girls became unbreakable. Now I’m going to apply for prosthetics to the USA, they were lucky to get a clinic near San Diego.

11-Richna Yana knows that the world after the glee will turn back home. Sadovyi, having designated that Lviv will have the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN. Aby Ukrainians, who suffered from Russian aggression, could turn to Ukraine and continue their rehabilitation here.

Stepanenki are virushayut on likuvannya to the USA / Photo LMR:

Until the speech, little Sofia from Buchi that mother lost her hand. The girl has been suffering from phantom pain for 3 months and will need help. At once she is going to Rome, and she will also need prosthetics. If you wear a prosthesis, the phantom pains may subside, and the child will be able to dress herself.

Shelled the railway station near Kramatorsk

Might ask – Sadovy about the unique project of the rehabilitation center:

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