“Mis Ukraine Vsesvit-2022” rose, like my family lived in besieged Chernihiv “Could die”

After Anni Neplyakh the Organizing Committee won the title “Miss of Ukraine Vsesvit-2022” Viktor Apanasenko from Chernihiv. Vaughn at the first month of the war hovered at the end of Ukraine, but the days were lost in the city, as if it was a singing hour in the cloud.

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Viktoria Apanasenko about the life of a family in Chernihiv

Volodarka title “MIS Ukraine Vsesvit-2022″she told me that the day before the invasion of її the father had ruined the operation, to that he had lost his guilt at the city. These days, they were without water, the heat was that link.

So, I can’t put it into words, I’ve experienced such a life. The native Chernigiv was simply erased from the face of the earth, from the blockade. Today the planes were dropping bombs, rockets were flying,
Viktoria Apanasenko admitted.

“Dude to my christened one, as if taking my fathers to himself. The stench didn’t want to evacuate from the right place, that tato buv is not transportable, and through the dekilka tizhniv water arose, scorched that bell. tell me, you stink alive. I was afraid of the skin day, almost like a bad news, because I read it only a little, how much it was addictive, I understood that my relatives could die, “she added.

Viktoria Apanasenko / Photo from the model’s instagram

Viktoria Apanasenko knew that she had spent the whole hour trying to find volunteers, who would have gone to the region, where the fathers lived. But none of them did not wait for it to grow.

It was unsafe there. And then only after the operation. You can’t sit still for a moment, the chest was sawn at the new boulder. Tato and the seam himself knew at the footer. This is a terrible period of my life. I’m less than my big classmate, I’ll serve in the defense, wearing my zhu,
– shared “Mis Ukraine Vsesvit”.

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