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The accident in Krivoy Rog happened at the corner of Nikopol Highway and Metallurgov Avenue.

An accident involving a minibus and a truck occurred in Krivoy Rog / screenshot from

In Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, a fixed-route taxi and a truck collided, 14 people were injured.

A serious accident in Krivoy Rog occurred at the corner of Nikopol Highway and Metallurgov Avenue, according to the SVOI Telegram channel.

According to him, during the accident, the traffic light was not working, and the driver of the truck had to miss the minibus, but did not, and there was a “terrible collision”

“… minibus No. 210 and a truck collided … Patrolmen are now on the spot, who regulate traffic … The driver and 13 passengers of the bus are among the injured,” the message says.

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Recall, on July 28 it became known that a terrible accident happened in Zaporozhye – a 30-year-old man driving a BMW car flew into parked cars that hit pedestrians passing by.

As a result of an accident in Zaporozhye Two pedestrians died and four ended up in the hospital. The driver of the foreign car was sober, he was detained.

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