Melitopol partisans announced the “pouring season” – measures of the place

According to Melitopol, rumors were spread about the city in the amount of 10 thousand dollars for the “head of a virodk” – Yevhen Balitsky, the occupant’s friend.

Varte respect Okupanti robbed 500 people in Melitopol in an hour of war, now talking about the death penalty, – measures

Ivan Fedorov, the Mayor of Melitopol, confirmed the information about the event on the air of the national telethon “United News”, broadcasting the 24th channel.

“The Melitopol partisans from today started the watering season, and in all places there is a photo of one of the leading gauleiters, and they give 10 thousand dollars for his head. – rozpovіv Ivan Fedorov.

Information about the wine city for Yevhen Balitsky / Photo by Ria-Melitopol

Not a persha threat for Balitsky

Yevgen Balitsky – a large people’s deputy-region. Since 2020, I will become a deputy of the Zaporizhia Regional Council for the sake of the pro-Russian “Opposition Platform – For Life”. And the hour of the occupation of the region by the Russian military, actively moved to their service, becoming a gauleiter in the Zaporizky region. Through the Security Service of Ukraine voiced my suspicion at the sovereign state.

Varto shows that the pictures of Yevgen Balitsky are glued around Melitopol – not the first “hot” of the Ukrainian partisans for the sanctuary. May 30 near Melitopol becoming vibuh – they broke the car of Balitsky’s motherland. Vibuh standing near the house, living de vin. The swing was skoєno on yoga niece at once from a man. Zokrema, my Mercedes car has been unknowingly slaughtered. Dzherela was paid for tribute, won was assigned to Gauleiter Yevgen Balitsky.

Spitting on collaborators, contributors and occupiers

Vypadok from the winegrower for the head of the zradnik in Melitopol – not alone in the paid-off territories. Participants of Rukh Opor in Kherson region posted leaflets everywhere and proponuyut mіstsevym tidy sumi for Skoda to occupants and collaborators. Nebayduzhi bulkers of Ukraine can take away pennies, if they know the checkpoint of the occupiers, burn the patrol, depend on the Ukrainian ensigns to cover the place of the garrison.

Denis Pushilin, the highest scorer of Russian occupants in Donetsk, pays 50,000 USD for liquidation, 25,000 USD for injuries, and 15,000 USD for information about medical treatment.

important The SBU hid the secret service of the GRU of Russia, before which the People’s Deputy Derkach was included

Okupanti prepare for “referendum” in Melitopol

Ivan Fedorov is also arguing that the Russian military created a headquarters for holding the so-called “referendum”. Galina Katyushchenko, a member of the “Party of the Regions”, was shocked.

How different is the difference between the strikes of the RSZV “Hurricane” and HIMARS – to marvel at the video

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