Media reported on a powerful explosion in occupied Skadovsk (video) – UNIAN

According to preliminary data, warehouses with ammunition used by the Russian invaders were destroyed.

There was an explosion in Skadovsk \ Kherson Bridge

in the temporarily occupied Skadovsk Kherson region eyewitnesses reported a powerful explosion.

According to the Kherson edition “BridgeWith reference to eyewitnesses, thick and dark smoke rose in the sky over Skadovsk.

According to preliminary data from a local publication, ammunition depots used by the Russian army were destroyed.

Suspilne also reports explosions in Skadovsk, citing local residents. The city was on fire after the explosion.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, back in March, Russian invaders seized part of the Kherson region, including Skadovsk. During all this time, the invaders felt quite calm.

On June 21, the head of the press center of the security and defense forces of the south, Natalya Gumenyuk, reported that the Ukrainian defenders successfully moving towards the temporarily occupied Khersondisplacing Russian troops from the second and third lines of defense.

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