McDonald’s is preparing to open its restaurants in Ukraine from August, – media

According to journalists, 9 out of 107 fast food restaurants in Ukraine suffered from the activities of the RF Armed Forces. The company still cannot access some of them.

The McDonald’s restaurant chain is preparing to return to the Ukrainian market. The general director of the company in Ukraine, Yulia Badritdinova, said that security protocols are being updated, and checks are made to see if there are bomb shelters near catering establishments. About it informs

“When an air raid alarm is triggered, restaurants must urgently close, which in itself is a rather difficult process, since a restaurant is a mini-factory with sophisticated equipment,” Badritdinova explained.

The supply chain is also reopening. According to the CEO, most suppliers work, but due to the destroyed infrastructure, a number of products will need to be purchased in other regions or even countries. This, in particular, is about packaging, long-term storage juices and sauces.

After the start of a large-scale invasion, the restaurant chain handed over products to city councils, which is about 200 tons of products, worth about UAH 70 million.

When will McDonald’s open?

No official return date has been announced. But the journalists found out from the head of the Kyiv McDonald’s that this could happen as early as August, provided that they agree on issues related to security.

Due to the activities of Russian troops in Ukraine suffered 9 out of all 107 McDonald’s restaurants, some of which the company’s employees cannot yet access, for example, in Kharkiv, where it is dangerous to travel.

The management of the network says that it is planned to collect all the necessary data for compensation.

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