“May I have more information about driving this car”: partisans were actively active in Kherson

Marina Savchenko, a correspondent from Kherson, told Channel 24 about it. Vaughn also meant that the occupiers are trying to “tsar” at Kherson, but the partisans do not give them peace.

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Mayzhe today, the information about the drive of the car is announced, appointed by Marina Savchenko.

In Kherson, who should tell the Russian occupiers that Kherson is Ukraine,
– say a journalist from Kherson.

Russian occupiers are afraid of Ukrainian partisans, even if they encourage their collaborators, adds Savchenko.

What happens in the territories of Timchas-paid Kherson region

Russian military they can’t give power to the Timchas payback of the Kherson region. Zokrema, skirmishes were recorded near Chornobaivtsi and Novy Kakhovtsi. Zagarbniki mend go out of your mind in fear. The stink of yelling that they are constantly shelled by the Ukrainian military.

Okupanti pass the Kherson region with ammunition from the 50s of the last century. In the Ukrainian branch they respect that the shells are small, but the Russian command appropriated the cats for disposal, and they handed over the unsafe vantage to the forward guards for passing defense positions.

In the Kherson region activating the entire partisan movement, also Russian militants are dissatisfied. For example, near Kherson fdіrvali avtivka of the head of the correctional colony No. 90 Sobolev, a kind of transition to the bіk okupantіv on the cob of a large-scale invasion.

Mіstsevі zhitelі ahead of uninvited guests, scho ZSU zovsіm close, but from tіkati to Russia already pіzno. The occupiers are shocked that they came to the Ukrainian lands.

Counter-offensives of Ukrainian defenders in the Kherson region to try – silence is important

Natalya Gumenyuk explained to the precentre of defense forces and defense of the OK “Pivden” Natalya Gumenyuk explained that the enemy was shelling the territory with artillery and missiles, as if they were calling ZSU or not, they were not going to occupy. So zagarbniks try to mentally press on Ukrainians.

To the very same don’t deafen at once, as the populated areas already far away call our military. At the same time, she urged that the ZSU are poking out, and people in the fortified territories are open to our troops.

Natalia Gumenyuk also added that while the military operation is still three, she calls out absolutely all saves and checks on official notifications, you don’t know much more than you need to know, de stink, where you can see success.

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