Master Jennifer Lopez showed the perfect manicure with rhinestones

The manicure that J. Lo showed off at a recent concert almost eclipsed her engagement ring from Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, appearing in public, always looks perfect, and her image is thought out to the smallest detail. It is not surprising that a real master Tom Bachik does her manicure. They are shared in social networks with his new masterpiece with rhinestones. It should be noted that rhinestones in nail art are in the trends of summer 2022.

His clients include Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz. It was Bachik who gave her a manicure for her chic wedding to Brooklyn Beckham.

But J. Lo remains his favorite client. Her images appear on Bachik’s Instagram with enviable constancy.

And the last time the master created the design for an important event – a concert. So the nail art was chosen impressive – long pointed stiletto nails covered with rhinestones.

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J Lo manicure by Tom Bachik

Photo: Instagram tombachik

Tom Bachik called the design “diamond drops”. I used gel false tips for it, which I painted with nude varnish and manually covered with rhinestones, gluing each one separately. Then all this splendor appeared on the nails of the pop diva.

And the manicure almost overshadowed her huge green diamond engagement ring from fiancé Ben Affleck.

This latest Lopez manicure is just one of the nail art trends that experts say will be at the top this year.

Jennifer Lopez previously showed exquisite french with small flowerswhich Bachik created for her earlier.

And a special manicure with Ben Affleck’s initials and golden accents.

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