Masha Efrosinina’s daughter shamed her mother for her appearance

The Ukrainian television star made a fresh hairstyle and makeup.

43-year-old Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina spoke about criticism of her daughter about the appearance of a celebrity. In his Instagram Efrosinina posted several stories, in which she appeared with a fresh hairstyle and makeup and said that her daughter Nana became a motivator for Efrosinina.

“I’m very glad that your thirst for beauty wakes up. It’s not easy for me yet. But Nana “put me in” for my appearance at home. It turned out well, I get some compliments, ”the Ukrainian celebrity told her subscribers.

In particular, the TV presenter admitted that as a result of changing her hairstyle, she received a number of compliments.

Masha Efrosinina in a new look

“Girls, darlings, well, you really are my salvation! I’m tired, I read the news about our destroyed cities, tears are constantly. Yes, and I think I’ll read your reviews about what I’m telling you, and there are sheer compliments!” – said 43-year-old Masha Efrosinina.

At the moment, the TV presenter is actively fighting on the information front, spreading important information to her millionth audience and telling the truth to European media.

Efrosinina is raising two children from her husband Timur Khromaev – 18-year-old Nana and 7-year-old Sasha.

Recall that Masha Efrosinina said that hasn’t spoken to his mother-in-law for the last 20 years.

Also Focus wrote about fatigue of Europeans from the war in Ukraine, according to Masha Efrosinina. The TV presenter was given a limited time for her interview because Ukrainian news is “very toxic”.

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