Mariah Carey’s engagement ring has become the most expensive jewelry owned by a celebrity

True, when the wedding fell through, the singer sold it, pretty cheap

James Packer’s $10 million engagement ring for singer Mariah Carey has been called the most expensive celebrity piece in history. About it writes Daily Mail.

Australian billionaire James Packer and pop star Mariah Carey began dating in 2015, they got engaged the following year, and Packer presented her with a huge diamond ring.

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Mariah Carey, James Packer and the most expensive engagement ring

Photo: tmz

According to DC Jewelery, a 35-carat diamond ring from renowned designer Wilfredo Rosado cost James a whopping A$13.2 million ($10 million) when he bought it.

Demonstrating the ring, Mariah coquettishly stated that “it is so heavy” that she could hardly lift her hand.

But the engagement was upset, the wedding did not take place, and the ring was left to Mariah as a keepsake.

It has also become quite popular on the web, with 62,760 searches for it on Google.

mariah carey, james packer, diamond engagement ring, most expensive ring, engagement ring

Mariah Carey’s fabulously expensive ring

Photo: tmz

However, Carey decided not to keep the jewel, especially since after Packer she had a new boyfriend – Brian Tanaka. In addition, she was so worried about parting that she gained weight and became depressed.

So in 2018, the pop diva decided to get rid of the ring and one of her business managers secretly sold it to a Los Angeles jeweler for $2 million. Eight million cheaper than it was bought. To whom the unique jewel belongs now is unknown.

The sale of the ring was kept under wraps, but Mariah’s publicist hinted at the sale, stating that she “recently made her decision to move forward in her life surrounded by positivity very loud. To do this, you need to leave emotional and material baggage behind.”

The source added that a “confidentiality agreement” had been signed between Mariah and the jeweler, meaning that the circumstances of the ring’s sale would not be made public.

Packer himself later stated that his short-lived relationship with the singer was a “mistake” for both him and her. They were rumored to have broken up due to Packer criticizing her performances.

Now Mariah is still dating Tanaka, and Packer is still dating socialite Kylie Lim.

By the way, Jennifer Lopez’s green “lucky” diamond engagement ring, which she so often shows on social networks, cost Affleck about $ 10 million, and the first ring with a pink diamond, which he gave to J. Lo in 2002, then cost him 2.5 million dollars.

jennifer lopez ring, jennifer lopez engagement ring

Jennifer Lopez green diamond ring

Photo: Instagram tombachik

And the famous Beyoncé engagement ring with a huge white gold diamond cost Jay Z – 5 million.

However, the most famous engagement rings in history were and remain the rings of Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Middleton.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s ring has long been in the top of the most expensive

Photo: tmz

Taylor received her 33 carat stone ring from Richard Burton and wore it all the time. After her death, it was sold to an anonymous Asian collector for $8 million.

engagement ring, princess diana ring, kate middleton

Princess Diana’s ring on Kate Middleton’s hand on her wedding day

Photo: Getty Images

And Kate Middleton’s ring, previously owned by Princess Diana, has not material, but sentimental value. After all, it cost Prince Charles only 60 thousand dollars, but his story and romantic stories associated with him raise his price at times. Experts believe that if Kate had sold it, more than $20 million could have been earned for it. But of course that won’t happen.

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