MamaRika underwent surgery in a future artist

Vikonavitsa was diluted with shanuvalniks, that the constant stress under the hour of the war had negatively spilled onto my health. I had a chance to spend a decade in the liquor, to invigorate the body.

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MamaRika underwent surgery

In her Instagram story, MamaRika told me that she underwent surgery. Vaughn showed the first photo after anesthesia, but did not reveal the details of the surgical procedure. It looks like the operation was not too serious, even though the girl turned home.

Weekend MamaRika spent at home with a man and a son. Vaughn indicated that an hour would be needed, so that she would gain strength. For a year, announce the rozpovisti to the subscribers that it was trapilos.

MamaRika about the operation / Screenshot from the instagram-story of the wedding

  • On the cob of the worm, the spivochka rozpovidal that the war had negatively spilled into his psychological state. As before, Zirka independently coped with stress, then under the hour of war I thought about turning to a psychologist. Through the nerves, MamaRika started having problems with the hose, chronic ailments began to flare up.
  • Two days later, the artist told me that lie in the clinicto pass outside the body. MamaRika decided to seriously take care of her health.

Zirkovi ailments at the hour of war

  • Svitlana Tarabarova in kvіtnі leaned on the drug lizhku through the nerves of the “syndrome of the whole”. Then the artist rejoiced in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Actor Oleksiy Vertinsky, who is 66 years old, underwent a superfluous operation on his heart, but he needs one more. Also, Yogo Donka Kseniya voted for the selection of funds for the treatment of that rehabilitation. Neimovirno, ale yogo was shut down for 10 years.
  • TV presenter and restaurateur Daniel Salem from the first days of the war, having entered the lava of the territorial defense. Not long ago, I was guilty of fighting with the occupiers, for some time I took off the shell shock. The person said that now the lion is hardly sensitive.

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