Malicious people were revealed in the EU, they were selling Ukrainian refugees to slavery

On May 23, 2022, EMPACT organized a massive anti-malice hackathon to lure Ukrainian refugees into sexual and labor exploitation through websites and social media platforms.

Up to those 27 Ukrainian children were taken to April near Moscow and far away from “timchasovo sіm’ї”

Law enforcement officers revealed 9 suspicions

Online research was focused on monitoring posts, as if to help people in transportation, placing and powering the work. Fahіvtsі vіdstezhuvali th dating sites and recruiting sites, as well as platforms that promote sexual services.

In the course of the day, the investigators looked at suspected advertising, oriented at Ukrainian refugees, made announcements, took away the masses and analyzed all indicators of potential human trafficking through sexual and labor exploitation.

We have seen 125 online maidanchiks, including 42 online platforms that are suspected of being linked to human trafficking and 6 online platforms that are definitely linked to these evils. Under the hour of investigation, law enforcement officials revealed 9 suspects of human trafficking and identified 9 possible victims. 15 new investigations have been released.

How evil-doers lure people

Suspects of human trafficking were revealed on a wide range of platforms. Richly dumbfounded were written in Russian language.

So, it can be seen that it is low for online stores and websites to make significant efforts to fight against the illegal claims of their platforms. Prote pravokhorontsi revealed a significant number of suspected propositions of work, to the butt for Ukrainian women. Actual vacancies were characterized as a “photo session”. Sliders have shown trying to lure the victims with the propositions of the “bright future”. Sounds like you get yourself to the point of sexual exploitation of people.

14 countries took the fate of the investigation, having helped Europol

Law enforcement agencies of 14 EU member states, and themselves: Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the Great Britain Slowly, various online platforms have been used to reveal criminal measures, as if they are trying to recruit various immigrant migrants from Ukraine.

Europol supported the coordination of operational activities, exchanged information and ensured analytical support. On the day of the operation, Europol activated a virtual command to facilitate the exchange of information in the real time mode, and a special analyst accessed operational information from the Europol data bases. Tse secured further follow-up contacts with officers of the relevant national law enforcement agencies, as they took part in the investigation.

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How not to become a victim of human trafficking under the hour of evacuation and exit beyond the cordon

  • koristaytes servitors perevіrenikh perevіznikіv;
  • before the trip, turn over the information and choose the safest route and obov’yazkovo tell about your loved ones;
  • house with your loved ones about the code word, as it means, that you will need help in case of need;
  • do not get into the car alone, move around in groups, do not deprive children without seeing;
  • ahead of time to discuss with the carrier, think about the journey and tell about your relatives and relatives;
  • never give your documents to anyone;
  • smash the preparation into pieces, dress up just that and hide the bones;
  • save in advance the contacts of people and organizations that can help;
  • settle less at the registered places of residence;
  • practice officially, serve as servants less than official medical mortgages;
  • if you have the least suspicion, please check with the official services.

How not to become a victim of human trafficking at the hour of evacuation and cross the cordon / Photo from the telegram of the DPSU

Phone numbers for hotlines and chats to help refugees in the Ukrainian countries / Photo from the telegram of the DPSU

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