Macron spoke about the idea of ​​creating a European community, wider than the EU

The idea of ​​creating a political community with European countries that are not members of the European Union, including those who have received the status of candidates for the EU, continues to be supported by the President of France Emmanuel Macron. He stated this on June 23 at a press conference in Brussels, where the EU summit is taking place.

With the EU Heads of State and Government approving the granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, many EU leaders have warned that both countries face a long and difficult reform process before they move on to the next stage of integration.

Macron, during his speech at the EU summit, noted that due to the difficulties that countries expect on the path of European integration, he proposed the idea of ​​​​creating a European political community. According to the head of France, Europe needs a structure that will cover countries outside the European Union. The new structure, according to Macron, will help develop cooperation in the fields of geopolitics,…

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