Macron: Confirmation of the European perspective of Ukraine and Moldova is a strong signal for Russia – Ukraine news, Politics

President of France Emmanuel Macron said that today’s decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for EU membership sends “a strong signal to Russia.” He said this at a joint meeting with the President of the European Council Charles Michel and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen press conferences, reports CNN.

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“The message that is being sent today is very clear and we just saw it from the President Zelensky. This is a very strong message, consistent with what our Europe has been doing since the first day of the conflict. Namely: it reacted quickly, historically and unitedly. Through sanctions, two days later and six times since. Through macroeconomic, military and financial support for Ukraine. And now through this political gesture,” Macron said.

“This strong united Europe has coped with the task,” he added.

The confirmation of the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is “a very strong signal for Russia,” Macron said.

“We are indebted to the Ukrainian people who are fighting for our values, their sovereignty and territorial integrity. And we are also indebted to Moldova regarding its political situation, the destabilization attempts that it is experiencing, and the nobility that it has shown in the mentioned context” the President of France said.

  • Today the European Council at the summit in Brussels has provided Ukraine and Moldova candidate status for EU membership. Also, the European Council “decided to recognize the European perspective of Georgia and is ready to grant it the status of a candidate as soon as the unresolved priorities are resolved.”
  • Zelensky separately thanked each participant of the EU summit and said that “Ukrainian and European flags will be together and at a time when we will rebuild our country after this war.”

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