Lviv paratroopers shot down a Russian helicopter Ka-52 with a variant of 16 million dollars

Ukrainian warrior hit “Aligator” with “Eagle”

At the front, a Russian attack helicopter Ka-52 “Aligator” was shot down. Yogo was beaten by Lviv paratroopers.

Before speech A new pardon for the military: Su-25 attack aircraft crashed near the Rostov region

The goal was to defeat the anti-aircraft gunner of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the DShV ZSU. Vіn shooting from the portable anti-aircraft missile system “Igla”. For the Ukrainian warrior, this is the first goal.

The Ukrainian soldier did not hurry to strike at the “Aligator” and waited for a pause. Yoma was far away from the Russian helicopter, the successful defeat of which was confirmed by his brothers from the judicial position.

The head of the Lvіvsk regional vіyskovoї administratsії Maxim Kozitskiy, having declared that the cost of the downed Russian Ka-52 is worth 16 million dollars.

Spend Russia at war with Ukraine

  • Zranka 23 chervnya at the General Staff of the ZSU was traditionally upgraded by approximately the Russian army during the war against Ukraine. If you talk about aviation, then Russia spent 216 liters183 helicopters and 620 drones.

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  • Not long ago Ukrainian defenders Russian helicopter Mi-35M was shot down. Russian gvintocryl on the border between Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions. The helicopter was beaten to the brim with the Stinger man-portable anti-aircraft missile system.
  • Another fortune-telling gvintocryl was found near the Kherson region. In the operational command “Pivden” informedthat the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian helicopter with a man-portable air defense missile system.
  • 13 Chernya Kholodnoyarivtsi found helicopter occupants Ka-52 on Izyumsky straight. Following the tribute of Ukrainian defenders, the helicopter fell into the Timchas-occupied territory between the settlements of Suligivka and Dovgenke.

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