Lviv doctors returned from the “other world” a wounded woman who lost her husband and son – UNIAN

The family came under fire from the invaders on Easter in Liman.

Ahead of Oksana is a long rehabilitation / photo by the First Medical Association of Lvov

On Easter, a married couple with their son and grandmother fell under shelling in Liman, Donetsk region. The man died on the spot, and the 13-year-old son died in the hospital. Lviv doctors managed to get Oksana from the “other” world.

The first medical association of Lviv told the story of salvation in Facebook.

“Suddenly, a rocket flew in and exploded nearby. Oksana was thrown aside by the blast wave. She only remembers the screams of the child. Her husband died immediately. The wounded Oksana and grandson were transferred to the cellar with a shrapnel in the neck. There they waited for rescuers for 3 hours,” the post says.

The boy was hit by a piece of shrapnel in the heart area, and Oksana was diagnosed with numerous body injuries. She was taken to the Kramatorsk hospital, while her son and grandmother were sent to Slavyansk. There, an elderly woman was removed a fragment, and the teenager died in intensive care.

Oksana was in serious condition – she had chest injuries and injuries to her limbs. The left arm was the most affected. As a result, doctors managed to stop the internal bleeding of the abdominal cavity and sew up massive wounds.

Oksana found out about the death of the child on the third day after parting with him.

“From Kramatorsk, Oksana was transported to the Dnieper. Then they were transported to Lviv. Here, ten doctors from the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Trauma Center, as well as the 1st Surgical Department of the Center for Surgery, worked to save the woman’s hand. Specialists performed 6 operations, during which they closed soft tissue defects, they transplanted the skin and, in particular, performed a complex plastic surgery to move part of the soft tissues of the forearm to the area of ​​the wounded elbow,” the medical association says.

Ahead Oksana is waiting for rehabilitation in order to restore the functionality of her hand.

Earlier, UNIAN reported that in Lviv, surgeons of the First Medical Association resorted to a “free flap” operation, which helped save a man’s leg from amputation.

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