Lviv can become the “European volunteer capital”: Sadovyi guessing about the first days of the war

Andriy Sadovyi, the head of Lvov, spoke about this. Vіn voicing, that this year in Brussels there is a lot of good news, looming on the basis of the decision of the European Parliament to promote the status of a candidate of Ukraine to a member of the EU.

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Sadovy guessed that the lions actively came to the volunteer movement

Following the words of Sadovyi, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov took away the certificate, which he recognized that Lviv could take away the title.

Perekonaniy, that the victory will be ours,
– by writing the measures of Lvov.

Adding wine, scho z ієї on the eve you guessed the 24th of the fierce – the first early day of the full-scale invasion of Russia. In yoga words, on the whole day, hang Lviv, pretending to be a volunteer vulik.

Thousands of eyes, dozens of chats and calls. Everyone wants to help. The І axis for the fourth month of the Viyskian aggression did not stop for a day. How many more to fight, but a great number of people far away continue to practice for the good of Ukraine,
– appointing Sadovy.

On the other hand, this status is well-deserved and will be a good assessment of the skin, who does not get baited.

Lviv continues to accept people

Today Lviv accepts close to 150 thousand timchasov resettled osіb. With this, as having appointed Andriy Sadovy, there are no refugees from the city. At Lvov, those Ukrainians live at the same time, they stumbled into the war, and they knew themselves at the city’s timchasovy porch.

Having respected the Mister’s head, that in Lvov’s place you can get a life, the shards of a large number of everyday lives are changed at the final stage.

Zagal, behind yoga words, locally cope with great adventures. To my butt, near Lvov they opened a great center for the movement of people from the Lichakivsky administration. Work there is more important migrants from the Skhoda.

So, having respected my head, that a lot of Ukrainians are worried about asking for a job, that it’s good to see the economy of Ukraine.

Behind the words of the mіskogo head, the current obov’yazkom Lvov є maximum priyannya that help to the skin homeland, as I knew here my prihistok. Sadovyi suspected that he was struck by the sacrifice of the Lvivians, even if at the same time, the place is engaged in volunteering.

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